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Freemasonry in London is vibrant and is enjoyed by a wide variety of men living both inside and outside London.

McMahon Lodge has members attending the Regular Meetings from all over the South East, with visitors coming from throughout the UK and abroad. Meetings are held on a Friday and start at 4pm.  The Meetings take around 2 hours and the dinner after the meeting would normally finish around 9.15pm.

For those considering becoming a Freemason with McMahon (or any other Lodge), there are a few essential prerequisites. 

They are :

Having a belief in a supreme being.
Freemasonry is multi faith which means you can be of any faith. Or maybe you have not decided but you have a belief in a God. It does not mean regular attendance at a place of worship. Of course Atheists and Agnostics would not find it compatible with their view of life.

Being a man of good character.
No criminal record. Parking tickets are not counted. But if you have a situation of which you are uncertain just ask.

Be a man of 21 years and over.
There are some accepted exceptions to this rule.

Being able to afford membership.
Membership does have a cost in terms of fees, in a similar way to other clubs.  These fees cover the costs of United Grand Lodge of England and Metropolitan Grand Lodge dues, and sundries such as room hire, locker hire and insurance.
Essential to the enjoyment of the meeting the Lodge holds a Festive Board afterwards, the cost of which is dictated by Mark Masons’ Hall.  The costs will be made clear to all those interested in joining McMahon

Having the support of your family. Family matters take precedence over Freemasonry.  It is important that your family is supportive of your joining and on-going membership and understands and accepts it.


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